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Volume 8
September 2006


               Frank Abrahams
                    Westminster Choir College of Rider University

       Feature Articles
 An Investigation of the Process by Which Elementary School Band Directors Prepare Students to Choose a Musical  Instrument
Dale E. Bazan
                     University of Northern Iowa

         The Effect of Instruction on Sixth Grade Band Students Abilities to Self-Rate Etude Performance
Nathan B. Kruse
                     Michigan State University

            The Relationship Between Gesture and Sound: A Pilot Study of Choral Conducting Behaviour In Two Related Settings
Peter Litman
                     Institute of Education, University of London

       Narrative Voices
          The Eleventh Hour
Karen V. Lee
                     The University of British Columbia

       Historical Reprint
Ethnography, Phenomenology and Action Research in Music Education
           The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning. Volume VI,  Number 3 (Fall, 1995)

                    Liora Bresler
                   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

      Conference Announcements
            Society for Research in Music Education
            Research Symposium I
            University of Kansas
            July 5-7, 2007
            Call for Papers