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Volume 36


            Frank Abrahams, senior editor
            Westminster Choir College

Feature Articles

A Music Educational Project (MEdEC) for the Strengthen of the Emotional Competence by Kindergarten Students
    Theocharis Raptis
            University of Ioannina, Greece

Factors Influencing Pre-Instructional Decisions: An Initial Investigation of Expert Music Teacher Perceptions
            Daniel C. Johnson
            University of North Carolina Wilmington

            Wendy K. Matthews
            Kent State University

Teacher Educator Perspectives on Music Integration in the Preparation of Preservice Elementary Classroom Teachers

            Kristin Harney
            Montana State University

The Elephant in the Music Room: A Content Analysis of Ten Years of Publications Related to Urban Music Education
            Carol Frierson-Campbell                  
William Paterson University
            Constance L. McKoy                  
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
            Nicole R. Robinson                  
University of Utah

Rethinking Excellence in Music Education
            Elizabeth Bucura
            University of Rochester

The First Women Instrumentalists in the Penn State Marching Blue Band After the Enactment of Title IX
Michquelena Potlunas Ferguson        
            The Pennsylvania State University

Factors Related to Musical Dictation Teaching Habits to School-aged Children Among Independent Music Teachers
Justine Pomerleau-Turcotte
            Maria Teresa Moreno Sala
            Francis DubĂ©

            Laval University, Canada

Folk Musicians in the Position of Teacher: The Case of a Santouri Player and Teacher in Greece
  Aristidis Apostolis
            Independent Researcher
            Antonis Ververis
            Music High School of Mytilene

An Investigation of Happiness and Gratitude Among Music Educators
      H. Christian Bernhard II
            The State University of New York at Fredonia