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Volume 29


            Joseph Abramo, guest editor
            University of Connecticut

Feature Articles

Adult Sensitivity: Parallels Between Language and Music Acquisition in Early Childhood
            Jill Reese
            The State University of New York at Fredonia

Why They Choose: Understanding the Instrument Selection Choices of My Own Elementary School String Students
            Matthew Rotjan
            South Orangetown (Blauvelt, NY) Central School District 

Together But Disconnected: Involving Parents and Children in an Intergenerational Choral Collaboration
            Andrew Sutherland 
            The London Oratory School

Collaborative Learning as Common Sense - Structure, Roles and Participation Amongst Doctoral Students and Teachers in Music Education - Beyond Communities of Practice
            Cecilia Ferm Almqvist
            Luleå University of Technology
            Anna-Karin Gullberg
            Luleå University of Technology

            Linn Hentschel
            Umeå University
            Annette Mars
            Luleå University of Technology
            Johan Nyberg
            Royal College of Music at Stockholm
            Thomas von Wachenfeldt
            Umeå University

Assessment and Feedback Practices of Secondary Music Teachers: A Descriptive Case Study
            Jeff Cranmore 
            Grand Canyon University
            Ronald Wilhelm
            University of North Texas