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Volume 28
June 2016


            Adam Patrick Bell, guest editor
            University of Calgary

Feature Articles

Connections Between Music Literacy and Music-Related Background Variables: An Empirical Investigation
            Csaba Csíkos
            University of Szeged, Institute of Education
            Gabriella Dohány
            Tömörkény Secondary School, Szeged

The Effects of Musical Ensembles-in-Residence on Elementary Students’ Auditory Discrimination and Spatial Reasoning Skills: A Longitudinal Study
            Daniel C. Johnson
            University of North Carolina Wilmington 
            Virginia Wayman Davis
            The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

On the Process of Sound Creation: Some Models for Teaching Artistic Creation in Music Using a Soundpainting Project in a French Primary School
            Grazia Giacco 
            University of Strasbourg
            Solène Coquillon
            Strasbourg, France

An Examination of the Pedagogic Values of Band Directors
            Jason Gossett
            Oregon State University

Exploring Models of Technology Integration into Music Teacher Preparation Programs
            Jay Dorfman 
            Boston University

Peer Mentoring in a University Jazz Ensemble
            Andrew Goodrich
            Boston University