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Volume 26
July 2015



                  Frank Abrahams, senior editor
                  Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Feature Articles

I’m Supposed to Enjoy Teaching, But I Just Dread This”: Preservice Teachers’ Reflections on Field Experience Teaching Episodes

                  Nathan B. Kruse
                  Case Western Reserve University

Negotiating the Closet Door”: The Lived Experiences of Two Gay Music Teachers

                  Joshua Palkki

                  Michigan State University

”Swooping in to Save the Day?”: Investigating the Effects on Musical Identity of a Choral Collaboration Between Amateur and Professional Singers

    Hermione Ruck Keene
    UCL Institute of Education, University of London

The Effect of Sight-Reading Instruction on Performance Achievement of Wind Players in a High School Band

                  Jacqueline C. Smith 

                  The University of Hartford