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Volume 24
March 2014



                  Frank Abrahams, senior editor
                  Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Part of it All: The High School Musical as a Community of Practice
                  Ryan John
                  Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Creating Opportunities for Voice and Choice: Elementary Students’ Participation in an After-School Music Composition Group

                  Janet E. Cape

                  Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Meeting Musical Experience in the Eye: Resonant Work by Teacher Candidates through Body Mapping

    Shelley M. Griffin
    Brock University


Whom Does It Concern? A Reflection on Issues Relating to Quality, Accountability, and Relevance in Music Education's Journals (An Essay)
                  Patrick K. Freer
                  Georgia State University

Historical Reprint


Teaching for Understanding in Music Teacher Education

                  Janet R. Barrett
                  From Dimensions of Musical Learning and Teaching: A Different Kind of Classroom edited by Eunice Boardman.
                  Copyright © 2002 by National Association for Music Education (formerly MENC).
                  Reprinted with permission.