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Volume 23
June 2013



                  John Kratus, guest editor
                  Michigan State University

Performing the "Exotic?": Constructing an Ethical World Music Ensemble
                  Juliet Hess
                  University of Toronto

Student Perceptions of the Meaningfulness of High School Guitar

                  Janet E. Cape

                  Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Student Leaders as Change Agents: Benefits Emerging from a Curricular Change

    Tamara T. Thies
    The University of Iowa

"You Got To Know Us": A Hopeful Model for Music Education in Urban Schools
                  Frank Martignetti
                  University of Bridgeport
                  New York University
                  Brent C. Talbot
                  Gettysburg College

                  Matthew Clauhs
                  Ithaca College

                  Timothy Hawkins
                  Boston University
                  Rochester City School District
                  Nasim Niknafs
                  University of Toronto

Historical Reprint


Characterization of the Compositional Strategies Used by Children to Compose a Melody

                  John Kratus
                  From Canadian Journal of Research in Music Education
                  Vol. 33, Special ISME Research Edition, December, 1991.
                  Reprinted with permission of the Canadian Music Educators' Association.