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Volume 22
December 2012



                  Nathan B. Kruse, guest editor
                  University of North Texas

Tracing the Transformation of Early Childhood Music Education in Young Children from 1985 to 2010
                  Soojin Lee
                  Teachers College, Columbia University

Students' Journal Writing Practices and Opinions in a Music Methods Course

                  Dave S. Knowlton

                  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

                  David C. Sharp

                  University of Memphis

Finding a Place in Music Education: The Lived Experiences of Music Educators with "Non-Traditional" Backgrounds

    Rhoda Bernard
    The Boston Conservatory


Music Teachers' Professional Growth: Experiences of Graduates from an Online Graduate Degree Program
                  Ronald P. Kos Jr. and Andrew Goodrich
                  Boston University

Exploration of Student Development through Songwriting
                  Patricia E. Riley
                  The University of Vermont

Exploring Views from University Faculty and Cooperating Teachers on General Music Teacher Preparation
                  Wendy H. Valerio
                  University of South Carolina

                  Daniel C. Johnson
                  University of North Carolina Wilmington

                  Timothy S. Brophy
                  University of Florida

                  Judith W. Bond
                  University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

                  Brent M. Gault
                  Indiana University

                  Herbert D. Marshall
                  Baldwin-Wallace College

                  Carlos Abril
                  University of Miami

Historical Reprint


Teaching Performing Groups

                  Charles H. Benner
                  From Research to the Music Classroom, No. 2: Teaching Performing Groups
                  Copyright © 1972 by National Association for Music Education (formerly MENC).
                  Reprinted with permission.


Book Review

Book Review - Sociology and Music Education, Ashgate, 2010

                  Sociology and Music Education. Ruth Wright, editor. Burlington, VA: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2010.
                  322 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7546-6801-5

                  Review by
                  Patrick Schmidt
                  Florida International University