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Special Edition: A Tribute to Jeanne Bamberger
Volume 20
January 2012



                  Gena R. Greher and S. Alex Ruthmann, guest editors
                  University of Massachusetts Lowell

Tribute to Jeanne Bamberger: Pre-eminent Student of Musical Development and Cognition in
Our Time

                Howard Gardner
                Harvard University

On Chunking, Simples and Paradoxes: Why Jeanne Bamberger’s Research Matters
        Gena R. Greher and S. Alex Ruthmann  
        University of Massachusetts Lowell    


Experience Design and Interactive Software in Music Education Research

Andrew Brown
Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia


Building and Composing Upon Musical Knowledge
              Kimberly Lansinger Ankney
              Northwestern University


Composing Pieces for Peace: Using Impromptu to Build Cross-Cultural Awareness

Michael P. Downton
                Indiana University
                Kylie A. Peppler
                Indiana University
                Adena Portowitz
                Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
                Jeanne Bamberger
                University of California, Berkeley
                Eric Lindsay
                Indiana University

Reminiscence on Studying with Jeanne Bamberger

 Jessica Krash
                George Washington University

Jean Bamberger – Vignettes from 1974-1976
                  Joyce Kouffman
                  Music Educator Director,
                  Point Reyes Music Center

Representations of Music – Neural Foundations and Mental Processes 1905

                   Wilfred Gruhn
                  University of Music, Freiburg, Germany

Channeling Bamberger: An Unorthodox Appreciation of Jeanne Bamberger’s Work on Musical
Development and Musical Understanding

                   Craig Graci
                   State University of New York at Oswego

About Time: Strategies of Performance Revealed in Graphs
                    Elaine Chew
                    Queen Mary, University of London

Learning in Time
                    Christopher F. Hasty
                    Harvard University

Do you hear what I hear? Musical Maps and Felt Pathways of Musical Understanding

                    Deborah V. Blair
                    Oakland University

Historical Reprint


Developing Musical Structures: Going Beyond the Simples

                  Jeanne Bamberger
                  From Altas, R. & Cherlin, M. (Eds.). (1994). Musical transformation
                  and musical intuition: Essays in honor of David Lewin. Ovenbird Press: Dedham, MA.
                  Reprinted with permission.