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Special Edition: A Tribute to Jeanne Bamberger
Volume 20
January 2012



                  Gena R. Greher and S. Alex Ruthmann, guest editors
                  University of Massachusetts Lowell

Tribute to Jeanne Bamberger: Pre-eminent Student of Musical Development and Cognition in
Our Time

                Howard Gardner
                Harvard University

On Chunking, Simples and Paradoxes: Why Jeanne Bamberger’s Research Matters
        Gena R. Greher and S. Alex Ruthmann  
        University of Massachusetts Lowell    


Interactive Performance Software in Music Education Research: As Inspired by the Work of
Jeanne Bamberger

Andrew Brown
Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia


Building and Composing Upon Musical Knowledge
              Kimberly Lansinger Ankney
              Northwestern University


Composing Pieces for Peace: Using Impromptu to Build Cross-Cultural Awareness

Michael P. Downton
                Indiana University
                Kylie A. Peppler
                Indiana University
                Adena Portowitz
                Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
                Jeanne Bamberger
                University of California, Berkeley
                Eric Lindsay
                Indiana University

Reminiscence on Studying with Jeanne Bamberger

 Jessica Krash
                George Washington University

Jean Bamberger – Vignettes from 1974-1976
                  Joyce Kouffman
                  Music Educator Director,
                  Point Reyes Music Center

Representations of Music – Neural Foundations and Mental Processes 1905

                   Wilfred Gruhn
                  University of Music, Freiburg, Germany

Channeling Bamberger: An Unorthodox Appreciation of Jeanne Bamberger’s Work on Musical
Development and Musical Understanding

                   Craig Graci
                   State University of New York at Oswego

About Time: Strategies of Performance Revealed in Graphs
                    Elaine Chew
                    Queen Mary, University of London

Learning in Time
                    Christopher F. Hasty
                    Harvard University

Do you hear what I hear? Musical Maps and Felt Pathways of Musical Understanding

                    Deborah V. Blair
                    Oakland University

Historical Reprint


Developing Musical Structures: Going Beyond the Simples

                  Jeanne Bamberger
                  From Altas, R. & Cherlin, M. (Eds.). (1994). Musical transformation
                  and musical intuition: Essays in honor of David Lewin. Ovenbird Press: Dedham, MA.
                  Reprinted with permission.