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Special Edition: Student Research

Volume 18

 June 2011




            Chad Keilman, guest editor

Feature Articles

Privileging Culture through Incorporating Folk Music in the General Elementary Classroom: Implications for Teacher Education
            Stephanie Andrews
            The University of Texas at Austin

An Examination of a Pre-Service Music Teacher's Reflection Across Consecutive Teaching Placements

            Christopher M. Baumgartner
            University of Missouri

Permission to Play: Obstacles and Open Spaces in Music-Making

            Chelsea C. Green
            University of California, Los Angeles

Music and Gender: A Qualitative Study of Motivational Differences at the Upper-Elementary Level

            Brittany Iverson
            University of Nevada, Reno

The Use of Physical Touch to Facilitate Learning in Music Educaiton
            Abigail McHugh-Grifa
            Eastman School of Music

Challenges of Access to Post-Secondary Music Education Programs for People of Color
            C. Michael Palmer
            University of Michigan

A Survey of Mentoring Programs for Novice K-12 Teachers in West Virginia Public Schools
            Kristina R. Weimer
            West Virginia University