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Special Edition: Early Childhood Music Education

Volume 17

 January 2011




                           Suzanne L. Burton, guest editor

Feature Articles

Early Childhood Music Abuse: Misdeeds and Neglect
            Edwin E. Gordon

Response to Edwin Gordon's "Early Childhood Music Abuse: Misdeeds and Neglect"

            Cynthia Crump Taggart

The Incorporation of Principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach in a North American Pre-school Music Curriculum: An Action Research

            Amanda Page Smith

Parental Perceptions of Current and Desired Involvement in Early Childhood Music Instruction
              Lisa Huisman Koops

Learning from Students, Learning from Music: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Reflected through Music-Perceptual Tasks

              Kimberly E. Holland

Relationships Among Music Listening, Temperament, and Cognitive Abilities of Four-Year-Old Children
              John W. Flohr, Diane C. Persellin, Daniel C. Miller, and Harry Meeuwsen

MENC Historical Reprint: Music Characteristics of Children
            Marilyn P. Zimmerman