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Special Volume: Historical Reprint of The Quarterly Journal for Music Teaching and Learning

Volume 16, Numbers 1-7


Introducing the Historical Reprint of The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning
                Frank Abrahams, senior editor
                          Visions of Research in Music Education


Richard Colwell, founding editor

The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning

Volume  16, No. 4 (October 2010)



              Ryan John, guest editor

Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 1

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 1

Manny Brand

Teachers in the Study of Music Teacher Education: Finding Voices
        Lizabeth Wing


Learning Characteristics of College Students: Implications for the Elementary Music Education Methods Class

Eve Harwood


Preparing Teachers for Mainstreaming
              Betty W. Atterbury


The Music Education of Early Childhood Majors: All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir

Donna Brink Fox


Applications of Research to Music Teacher Education

Harry E. Price


Preparing Students to Think Like Teachers: Relocating Our Teacher Education Perspective

Janet Robbins


Outcomes Assessment: A Process for Improving Music Teacher Education

Joe B. Buttram


A Profile of Research in Music Teacher Education

Mary A. Leglar


What Our Graduates Wish We Had Told Them

Madeline S. Bridges


Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 2

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 2
                Manny Brand


Personal Observations on Integration and School Music Programs

                Warrick L. Carter


The Miseducation - and Missed Education - of Musicians About African-American Music and Musicians

                 Lee V. Cloud

The New Life Singers: A Study of Street Kids "Doing" Choir

                 Merry A. Naddeo


Preparing Future Music Teachers for Dealing With Minority Students: A Profession at Risk
                 Carlesta Henderson


Cultural Issues and School Music Participation: The New Asians in American Schools
                  Patricia Shehan Campbell


Music Education and Its Mandate to America

                  Warren C. Swindell


The Importance of African-American Role Models in Music Education
                  Linda Miller Walker and Donald L. Hamann


Music Audiation: A Comparison of the Music Abilities of Kindergarten Children of Various Ethnic Backgrounds
                  Peter Gouzouasis


What Does Music "Mean?"
                  Robert C. Ehle


Book Review: Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning
                   Dorothy McDonald


Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 3

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 3
                    Manny Brand


Music Education in Russia

                    Gennady Pozhidayev


The Basic Principles and Methods of a New Music Syllabus for General Education Schools

                    Dmitry Kabalevsky


Intonation in Music

                    Tatyana Vendrova


Developing Children's Artistic Thinking With Images in Music Lessons
                    L. Goryunova and L. Shkolar


Music in Kindergarten
                    E. Tzarkova and E. Serbina


Training of Music Teachers in Russia
                    I. Pigareva


From Tsars to Whales: Dmitry Kabalevsky and Russian Music Education

                    Jon Becker, Marina Goldin, and Ludmilla Leibman

Constants and Changes in Russian Music Education
                    Laurence Lepherd

Music Education in Russia: A Recent Perspective
                   Frances Larimer