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Special Volume: Historical Reprint of The Quarterly Journal for Music Teaching and Learning

Volume 16, Numbers 1-7



Introducing the Historical Reprint of The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning
              Frank Abrahams, senior editor
              Visions of Research in Music Education


Richard Colwell, founding editor

The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning

Volume  16, No. 1 (June 2010)



                Jason D. Vodicka, guest editor

Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2
                Richard Colwell

Teaching for Understanding in the Arts: The Elementary Subjects Center at Michigan State

         Wanda T. May


The National Arts Education Research Center at New York University: Challenging Tradition

Jerrold Ross


Art in Philosophical Context
              Ralph Smith


Towards an Enhanced Community of Scholars in Music Education

Estelle R. Jorgensen


Music Education's Professional Beginnings in America: Early Eighteenth-Century New England Singing-School Teacher Qualifications and Program Goals

J. Terry Gates


Tracing Reflective Thinking in the Performance Ensemble

Lyle Davidson and Larry Scripp


The Semantic Differential in the Study of Musical Perception: A Theoretical Overview

Robert Miller


Behavioral Objectives of Elementary Level Piano Study

Cathy Albergo


The Measurement and Evaluation of Children's Singing Voice Development

Joanne Rutkowski

The Effects of Class Voice and Breath-Management Instruction on Vocal Knowledge, Attitudes, and Vocal Performance Among Elementary Education Majors

Kenneth H. Phillips and Walter P. Vispoel


Meanderings: Some Thoughts About the Future of Instrumental Music Education

Roger Rideout


Interactive Audio as a Resource for Music Courseware Development

Steven M. Adams


Review of CUBASE

Terry Griffey


A Review of Research in Music Education: An Introduction to Systematic Inquiry

Thomas Tunks


Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 3

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 3
                Richard Colwell


CMP: The Basic Concept

                Norman Dello Joio


A Case History of One Foundation's Philanthropy
                  Robert J. Werner

Comprehensive Musicianship: A Multicultural Perspective - Looking Back to the Future

                  James A. Standifer


The Anatomy of a Flawed Success: Comprehensive Musicianship Revisited
                  William Thomson


You and L.A. Will Love Each Other
                  Peter Schickele


Remembering the CMP
                  Arthur Frackenpohl


A Composer in the Schools
                  Emma Lou Diemer


CM: The Uncommon Elements
                  Martin Mailman


Comprehensive Musicianship
                  David Willoughby


CM Reflections of a Band Director
                  Roger W. Warner


"Rats in the Attic" and other Musical Explorations
                  John C. McManus

CM in Memphis: Evolution of a Revolution
                  Don Bennett


Comprehensive Musicianship at East Carolina University, 1966-1968
                  Thomas W. Miller


CMP: A Personal View
                  Charles H. Ball


Reflections on the MENC-CMP
                  Robert Washburn


Comprehensive Musicianship - The Hawaii Music Curriculum Project
                  Leon Burton


                  Robert J. Werner


Feature Articles - The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 4

Editorial for The Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 4
                  Manny Brand


Music Education in South Africa

                  Elizabeth Oehrle


The Status of Music Teaching and Learning in Taiwan

                  Yuan-Mei Hsieh


Music Education in Italy: Organization, Achievements, and Problems

                  Carlo Delfrati


Historical Changes in the Objectives of Japanese Music Education
                  Atsuyasu Kitayama


Music Education in Nigeria: The Status of Music Learning and Teaching
                  Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko


Music Education in Malaysia: An Overview
                  Johami Abdullah


Switzerland: The Largest Country in the World
                  Leonard Cecil