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Volume 14

June 2009



Frank Abrahams

Westminster Choir College of Rider University
Princeton, New Jersey

Feature Articles


Toward a Useful Synthesis of Deweyan Pragmatism and Music Education


Ilkay Ebru Tuncer Boon

Music Educator

Istanbul, Turkey

Asian Musics in the American Classroom: Definition, Challenges, Pedagogical Imperatives

André de Quadros
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts


Music at the Mary Hare Grammar School for the Deaf from 1975 to 1988

William G. Fawkes    
Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, UK


J. Tilak Ratnanather
Center for Imaging Science and Institute for Computational Medicine,
The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland


Pre-Service Music Educators’ Perceptions of the National Standards for Music Education


Patricia E. Riley

The University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont





Realities of Music Teaching: A Conversation

Presented to the MENC–The National Association for Music Education

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 2008



Estelle R. Jorgensen
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, Indiana


On the Very Pleasure of the Unexpected and Strange

Randall Everett Allsup

Teachers College Columbia University
            New York, New York


Vantage Points and Images of Music Teaching

Janet R. Barrett
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois



N. Carlotta Parr

Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut


A Response

Willie L. Hill, Jr.
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts


A Response

Lissa F. May

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Bloomington, Indiana



Historical Reprint


William Channing Woodbridge's lecture, 'On vocal music as a branch of common education' revisited

Estelle R. Jorgensen
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, Indiana

Reprinted with permission of the author from

Studies in Music (University of Western Australia) no. 18 (1984): 1-32.