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Special Edition - Beyond Lucy Green: Operationalizing Theories of Informal
Music Learning

Panel Presentation, American Educational Research Association Conference 2008, New York, NY

Volume 12

September  2008  




Carol Frierson-Campbell              
William Paterson University


Feature Articles

Creating an Educational Framework for Popular Music in Public Schools: Anticipating the Second-Wave
                Randall Everett Allsup
                Teachers College Columbia University


Preparing Music Teachers for Change: Broadening Instrument Class Offerings to Foster Lifewide and Lifelong Musicing

                Patrick M. Jones

                Boston University



Escaping the Classical Canon: Changing Methods through a Change of Paradigm

Ann C. Clements
              The Pennsylvania State University

Encouraging Change: Incorporating Aural and Informal Learning Processes in an Introductory Music Education Course

                Frank Heuser
                UCLA Department of Music

Response to the Panel
                Gena R. Greher
                University of Massachusetts Lowell


Feature Response

Lucy Green Responds