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Other Cyberpsychology Resources on the Internet

Contact Consortium

The Contact Consortium was born out of CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination, a fifteen year old organization which has engaged anthropologists, space scientists, fiction writers and others in pioneering exercises simulating human contact with other intelligences. The Contact Consortium was formed to become a focus for the theme of human culture and contact in digital space.

The Virtual Community

An online book by Howard Rheingold. The table of contents includes:

Azy Barak's Reference List

An excellent collection of references pertaining to the internet and mental health.

Internet Philosophy and Psychology

Alan Sondheim's collection of essays about cyberspace. "INTERNET TEXT is a meditation on the philosophy, psychology, political economy, and psychoanalytics of Internet (computer) communication. It describes the phenomenology of the "electronic subject," the user who is plugged into the computer as a correspondent or researcher.... The Internet Text consists of hundreds of sections written over a period of two years, a continuous meditation on cyberspace, emphasizing issues of interiority, subjectivity, body, and language."

Bibliography of articles on Computer-Mediated Communication

This is John December's selected listing of items related to Computer-Mediated Communication, the Internet, and network information infrastructure and use.

CMC Studies Center

- This Web site is dedicated to serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners interested in the study of human communication via computers. This field of study is called Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). People interested in CMC study a range of phenomena--from the dynamics of group communication in Usenet news articles to how people use hypertext to shape meaning. The CMC Studies Center helps people share information, make contacts, collaborate, and learn about developments and events.


- Robin Hamman's site. Cybersoc is an online resource for social scientists interested in the study of the internet, cyberspace, computer mediated communication, and online communities.

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