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Nacey's Avatar Collection

1912 get-up - I use this one mainly for my Titanic personal server with my friends. I'm known as Lady Concubine on there, and it is rather impressive to see when in a 1912 background like the Titanic. It doesn't go down too well in the Mansion or the like as I think people find it a bit unsettling somehow. Probably the 'what on earth do you think you are doing' face I'm pulling. I guess my friends on the Titanic chat know I'm not really like that, but having that av as a first impression isn't a good idea in a place like the Mansion. It's like going to a party in a suit and expecting people to feel comfortable around you even though they're in jeans and a t-shirt.
Xena, Warrior Princess - I wear these ones on the Xena: Warrior Palace Chat a lot, though the first more pouty one I wear at the Mansion too. Actually one guy was being an idiot and these came in handy. I put the pouty one on as soon as he started messing with me, then the second one and started pretending to stab him in the head with the sword bit. A bit violent I know but he soon wandered off after that. They're great power avs, except in Xena: Warrior Palace we're they have a totally different meaning (everyone wears Xena there). Not many people in the Xena chat wear the one with Xena going ballistic with the sword. It's more of a party av in Xena: Warrior Palace.
Cartoon I Drew of Me - This is most certainly a more flirtateous avatar. I wear this one around the younger people, and in the Mansion a lot. I drew it myself and I let people know it because I'm a real glutton for attention. It makes finding striking avatars hard. This one is a cute one, and of all the avatars I wear, this one tends to get the best response from people. People don't mind initiating conversation as much with me in this av. Totally different to when I'm in my other avs. I kinda drew this avatar in response to all the 'skater' avatars out there. I wanted something cartoony like those but none of them really suited me. Plus when I wore them I knew people would instantly assume I'm 14.
Pandora - This is from a Pre-Raphaelite painting (if I remember correctly) and when I saw it I instantly loved it. It's a bit arty, yet sweet, and it's a lot of fun. I pull it out after I get to know people in chatting. It's not a first impression avatar, rather a 'having some fun' av. Kinda like wearing Botacelli's 'Venus' except not as obvious and not as - well you're saying a lot about how you envision yourself if you're walking around wearing 'Venus' aren't you? It's good cause Pandora is sitting on something, and it looks really cool in a lot of rooms.
Olivia Newton John - I like this one a lot, I can't put my finger on why. It doesn't get that much of a response from people either, (as you can tell I like being noticed and/or talked to a lot). I made three Olivia Newton John avatars, and they're pretty cool. This one is the one I like the best. In the movie she's singing the last refrain of the main title song before disappearing off in a flash of light to Olympus (she's a muse). I'm a performer, so this is a real 'Look at MEEEE' kinda av. Also it's really 70's and being a great lover of all things 'genuinely retro' this avatar says a lot to me.

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