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This article dated July 97 (v1.0)

Legnek's Avatar Collection

Yeller Smiley: This is the avatar that's presented when I first enter a palace - and I need to change that soon because the first time I used it I received several "Looks like you have gastric problems" type remarks. Basically, this is an all-purpose avatar in that it represents how I feel most of the time - happy and hyper. Reactions to this prop are extremely varied, but I really can't see any reason why because it's actually very simple and just one part of an old animation. Most people, I'm sure, really don't take a second look, but for some reason new guests always whisper to me to let them have it and some people give me a hehe or an lol when I first enter a room.

Larrylegs: I hardly ever use this avatar anymore. It's one of the first av's I ever took the time to put together, way back in November (?) of '96. Originally it was a little alien-type creature with swinging legs, and someone gave me a Larry head which I discovered fit nicely on top. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, so I continued to use it and I even have a room in my palace that will turn you into this av (or a Curly one) when you enter. This av I sometimes use when I'm in a kind of wacky mood or just feel like being an idiot. I used to wonder why my prop collection was starting to head in a strange direction, as I noticed a lack of 'flirty' props and that this one surely wasn't much of an enticement to romance, so I decided to try and gain some feminine favor with wit and humor (and succeeded 2% of the time. I think after doing this I realize even more that I'm in dire need of some new props, but I never can seem to find the right prop to suit me. I very rarely use actual person props and might need to try it every once in a while, because - you know - I don't want to seem like a total goofball ALL the time.

Curlylegs: Not too long ago I found a Curly head and attached it to my martian-legs and it looked even funnier. (I know there's gotta be a Moe head out there somewhere).

Mr. Blue: I put together this funky looking guy after my first trip to Mind's Palace. I love the art (can't remember the artist's) and I used to use this prop all the time, because it's so different, but I began wondering if it gave off the impression of a big stinky guy who's always smoking cigars. I like the impression it gives, but I just can't describe what it is. Like maybe a cartoon world tough guy or something. Probably the most masculine type prop I use.

Bandit Hamster: This is another av I made when I first started palacing (just added some guns to the 'ol hoppin' hamster prop). I would use this to try and hold every one up for cheese when I felt frisky - or maybe use my annoying hamster script and call in the wife and kids. I haven't used this in a long time because I think I wore it out just a little. This is something I would bring out periodically when in one of those get-loose get-stupid sort of moods, along with the deer head from the Chess Room or that bothersome hammer that whacks people on the head.

Wallace: This is my newest av, which someone on Main gave me (can't remember who - sorry!). It's Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, the British Claymation show (which is really good). I usually don this guy when I am feeling slow or half into things. He looks kind of goofily reserved and I feel like I don't have to be saying something all the time when I wear it.

Mr. Cool: Here's another AV which is fairly important because it's my Try-To-Be-Cool AV. I like FO a lot and asked her to be in the pic with me. I try to be Mr. Cool around her a lot since I've just now gotten to know her a little after being gone so long.

Well - there it is! I'm starting to see now that my avs are a little goofy and I'm wondering if they might be an accurate reflection of me as a person. I used to always try and be the class clown and vie for attention. After realizing that, I could be doing the same thing now. I've been consciously trying to tone myself down a bit as to not seem overly strange or even obnoxious to those that don't know me. So far I don't know if this realization is affecting just palace life or/and my life in the real world also...

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