Abnormal Psychology
(Psy 220)

Dr. John Suler

Science and Technology Center, Rm 320
Rider University - (609-895-5430)

This course explores the symptoms, causes, and experience of various types of psychological disorders - particularly the neurotic, psychotic, and mood disorders. We will emphasize a case study approach to understanding these conditions, as well apply abnormal psychology to everyday life. How we identify and assess abnormality are important underlying issues. A variety of class activities - including small group exercises, videos, and audio recordings - are used to understand mental disorders.


Madman: Strange Adventures of a Psychology Intern, by John Suler

Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology, by Oltmanns, Martin, Neale, & Davison


I. Studying and classifying psychopathology

** Exam #1

II. Less severe forms of psychopathology

** Exam #2

III. Severe pathological conditions: Case studies (audio tapes)

IV. Overview of Mental Health Treatments

** Exam #3

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