Under this location we will periodically post Archived NMR data which can be read using the NUTSĀ© software.

The following set of data are available. They can be decompressed using Stuffit ExpanderĀ© which is freeware from Aladdin Systems


The NMR figures from the Keto-Enol paper submitted to J. Chem. Educ. by Grushow & Zielinski can be found in the keto_enol directory.
This directory contains each file individually and a single file called Allspec.sit which contains all the figures compressed together.

There is an archive of NMR spectra for students in the CHE-216 course at Rider. List of archived NUTS files is found in the Rider_Arc directory.

Identifications can be found in the key.   

A group of NMR FIDs created by Helen Tanzini from Mercer County Community College are found in the Mercer unknowns.
For a key to these unknowns contact Helen.