Download Your NMR data files here!


This is where you will find data obtained by your instructor on the 300MHz NMR at the NMR- Collaborative Training Partnership at Rider University

To access your data you need to know the name of the person who ran the spectrum for you, the date it was run and the run number.

Click on the "Go to NMR files" below.
A new window will open up with a directory listing NMR users who have run recent spectra. Click on the name of the person who ran your spectrum

Then click on the "orgolab" folder

Click on the date that your spectrum was acquired

The person who ran your spectrum should assign you a run number for that date to tell you which data set is yours. Click on that data set number.

Now click on the "data.tar" file. This will download a compressed set of files in folders on to the hard drive of your computer. Make sure you know where this file is being saved to!
Some web browsers will automatically uncompress the datafile into a folder called "data Folder". In other cases you will need to uncompress the data yourself using either WinZip (for PC's) or StuffIt Expander (for Macs)

Pay attention to where the uncompressed folder is saved!

You can now analyze your data using NUTS. For instructions on how to use NUTS, visit our NMR tutorial


Go to NMR Files


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