How FTP NMR data directly to your desktop PC (or Mac)

You can log into the NMR computer via FTP using your NMR usercode and password. Anonymous FTP has been disabled. You can obtain the IP address from Alex Grushow

Using your FTP program on your computer change the remote directory to


where "usercode" is replaced by your access usercode. Inside this directory you should see a directory for each date-name you have experiments in. This is the first line at the top right of your printout. Change the remote directory to the date of data file you want to transfer.

Find the EXPNO for the data file you want. This is the second line on the printout. You will need to transfer the entire directory (data structure) for that EXPNO in one single transfer. Make sure that your transfer is done in binary mode and not ascii mode.

Once the data structure has been transfered to your desktop, you can use the NUTS© software to analyze it. For further instructions for using this software, you can visit our NMR tutorial